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London West is back in the competition for 2013 and represents an area that includes the location of of some great restaurants and much of the Punjabi community.

London is the greatest melting pot of cultures and communities in Britain. Greater London is home to 4.5 million 'non-white' British residents accounting for 41% of all 'non-white' residents in England and Wales. Newham and Brent have over 80% and just 44.9% of London's residents are 'White British' and 37% were born outside the UK. The Indian community represents 6.6% of the population at 542,857 then Pakistani (223,797) and Bangladeshi (222,127) almost equal at 2.7%. 54.37% of Britain's Bangladeshi community live in London, 11.09% in West Midlands and 9.19% in the North West(mainly Oldham) followed by East(mainly Luton) at 6.54% and Yorkshire at 4.36%.

Harrow is 5th in the list of London boroughs with the largest Asian population at 101,808 of which 63,051 are Indian, 7,797 Pakistani and 2,629 Bangladeshi. Harrow is home to a large Gujarati and Tamil community. Ealing is close behind with a total of 100,439 of which 48,240 are Indian, 14,711 Pakistani and 1,786 Bangladeshi. Hillindon is in 8th place with 36,795 Indian, 9,200 Pakistani and 2,639 Bangladeshi.

Councils : Ealing ; Harrow ; Hillingdon ; Hounslow


With a very strong Punjabi influence, London West has some excellent curry restaurants to ooffer from award winners to high street favourites. Brilliant in Southall continues to be a great favourite as does Madhu's. In Ealing we have Zeera and Monty's, with Red Turban and The Vintage in Harrow and Delhi 6 in Hounslow. Hot Red Chillies is also very popular as is Atithi in Twickenham, Rajdoot and Tamara Lounge in Hillingdon and the regular favourite Sipson Tandoori. Trip Advisor lists over 12000 restaurants of which almost 1000 are curry restaurants.


Four restaurants have been chosen with the help of your votes to represent London West for judging purposes.

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The team voted to represent London West 2016 is :

Brilliant 72-76 Western Road Southall UB2 5DZ Tel 020 8574 1928
Mantra Dining 253 Bath Road Hounslow Tel 020 8572 6000
Clay Oven 13 The Mall Ealing W5 Tel 020 8840 0313
Haweli 127-129 Uxbridge Road West Ealing Tel 0208 567 6211