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London East is back in the competition for 2013 and represents an area that includes the famous Brick Lane and the home of almost half the Bangladeshi community in Britain.

London is the greatest melting pot of cultures and communities in Britain. Greater London is home to 4.5 million 'non-white' British residents accounting for 41% of all 'non-white' residents in England and Wales. Newham and Brent have over 80% and just 44.9% of London's residents are 'White British' and 37% were born outside the UK. The Indian community represents 6.6% of the population at 542,857 then Pakistani (223,797) and Bangladeshi (222,127) almost equal at 2.7%. 54.37% of Britain's Bangladeshi community live in London, 11.09% in West Midlands and 9.19% in the North West followed by East at 6.54% and Yorkshire at 4.36%.

Newham has a total Asian population of 133,895 of which 42,484 are Indian, 30,307 are Pakistani and 37,262 Bangladeshi. Redbridge is not far behind at 116,503 of which 45,660 are Indian, 31.051 are Pakistani and 16,011 are Bangladeshi. Tower Hamlets have 104,501 of which 6,787 are Indian, 2,442 are Pakistani and 81,377 are Bangladeshi making up 37% of the borough's total population.

Councils : Barking & Dagenham ; Tower Hamlets ; Havering ; Newham ; Redbridge ; Waltham Forest


London East offers a wide diversity of types and standards of curry restaurants serving a very multi-ethnic community. Choices range from top end restaurants such as Cyrus Todiwala's Cafe Spice Namaste, the very smart Cinnamon Kitchen and Yogesh Datta's Bangalore City to popular venues in Ilford, Newham and Barking and, of course, Brick Lane, so popular with tourists. Regular nominations include Tayyab, Jalalabd 2 and London Darbar in Ilford, Passage To India, Kanchan's at Gants Hill, Anokha in the City, Bekash in Havering, Zaruna in Hornchurch, Samrat Newham and Bengal Lancer in Barking. There are over 12,000 restaurants on Trip Advisor listed for London of which almost 1000 are curry houses.


Four restaurants have been chosen with the help of your votes to represent London East for judging purposes.

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The team voted to represent London East 2016 is :

Cafe Spice Namaste16 Prescot Street London E1 8AZ Tel : 020 7488 9242
Tayyabs 83-89 Fieldgate Street E1 1JU Tel 020 7247 6400
Cinnamon Kitchen 9 Devonshire Square EC2 Tel : 020 7626 5000
Laksha Bay 83 Wapping Street E1W 2RW Tel 020 7481 0777