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London Central is in the competition for the second time as an area and includes the location of the first Indian restaurant in 1809. It contains all the Michelin starred Indian restaurants and would win the title of Curry Capital of Britain every year if the criteria were based only on the quality of up-market restaurants.

London is the greatest melting pot of cultures and communities in Britain. Greater London is home to 4.5 million 'non-white' British residents accounting for 41% of all 'non-white' residents in England and Wales. Newham and Brent have over 80% and just 44.9% of London's residents are 'White British' and 37% were born outside the UK. The Indian community represents 6.6% of the population at 542,857 then Pakistani (223,797) and Bangladeshi (222,127) almost equal at 2.7%. 54.37% of Britain's Bangladeshi community live in London, 11.09% in West Midlands and 9.19% in the North West(mainly Oldham) followed by East(mainly Luton) at 6.54% and Yorkshire at 4.36%.

The boroughs of London Central just creep in near the bottom of the Asian population table in London. Wandsworth is at 16th with 8,642 Indians, 9,718 Pakistanis and 1,493 Bangladeshis followed by Westminster at 17th with 7,213 Indians, 2,328 Pakistanis and 6,299 Bangladeshis. Southwark is 20th with just 5,819 Indians, 1,623 Pakistanis and 3,912 Bangladeshis.

Councils : Kensington & Chelsea ; Lambeth ; Southwark ; Wandsworth ; Hammersmith & Fulham ; Westminster


London Central, winners of the first ever Curry Capital of Britain title and home of Britain's first ever Indian restaurant The Hindostanee in 1809 would be candidates to win every year if the result relied purely on quality of restaurants. All the Michelin starred Indian restaurant in in this area including Tamarind, Amaya, Trishna, Benares, Quilon and Rasoi Vineet Bhatia. A wealth of other destinations are available to curry fans of up-market establishments including Cinnamon Club, Carom, Chakra, Dishoom, Chutney Mary, Spice of India SW6, Painted Heron, Thames Tandoori, Bengal Clipper, Zaika, Mint Leaf and Indian Zing. Trip Advisor lists over 12000 restaurants, nearly 1000 of which are curry restaurants.


Four restaurants have been chosen with the help of your votes to represent London Central for judging purposes.

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The team voted to represent London Central 2016 is :

Cinnamon Club
Quilon 41 Buckingham Gate SW1 Tel : 020 7821 1899