Curry Capital of Britain 2006



Winner : GLASGOW

The Curry Tree Charitable Fund

 Curry Capital 2006 : Glasgow
EthniCity 2006 : Bradford

Glasgow's Lord Provost Liz Cameron celebrates with the four team winners and receiving the cup from the sponsors (below)

Winning team : The Dhabba ; Sheesh Mahal ; Panjea ; Ashoka Flame

2004/5 put the spotlight on the sixteen city teams involved and the ethnic restaurants in those cities. Leeds were a new competitor for that event and after a good showing should be strong contenders in 2006. The aim is to profile the achievements of the cities and their communities to the media and the public in a way that is both interesting, enjoyable and useful. The cities are going for two titles : Curry Capital of Britain, covering the Indian sector, won in 2005 by Birmingham, and EthniCity, covering the entire ethnic sector, won 2005 by Glasgow.

As well as being great fun and of vital income to charity to help feed the starving of the world, the winning of the title Curry Capital is of great prestige and commercial importance to the winning city attracting tourism and commerce.

All ethnic restaurants in the competing cities will be invited to participate with the aim of increasing the knowledge of both cuisine and culture.

EthniCity is a 'goodnews' event aimed at presenting all that is positive involving the ethnic communities of the competing cities.