Curry Capital of Britain 2004

Winner Bradford

The Curry Tree Charitable Fund


Winner Curry Capital of Britain 2004 is Bradford R/U Glasgow 2nd R/U London East
Winner EthniCity 2004 Birmingham
R/U Edinburgh 2nd R/U London West

Winning team : Aagrah Shipley ; Kiplings ; Nawaab ; Aakash

2004 put the spotlight on the twelve city teams involved plus Liverpool and Nottingham and the ethnic restaurants in those cities. Votes were taken for the four restaurants to represent each city (see City News and Restaurants Profiles) and two years ago Leicester Mercury reported that response to their campaign was "overwhelming" with strong support also reported from newspaper campaigns in Glasgow, Bradford and Edinburgh.

The aim was to profile the achievements of the cities and their communities to the media and the public in a way that is both interesting, enjoyable and useful. The cities went for two titles : Curry Capital of Britain, covering the Indian sector, won for the second year running in 2002 & 3 by Glasgow, and EthniCity, covering the entire ethnic sector, won 2003 by Edinburgh.

As well as being great fun and of vital income to charity to help feed the starving of the world, the winning of the title Curry Capital is of great prestige and commercial importance to the winning city attracting tourism and commerce.

All ethnic restaurants in the competing cities will be invited to participate with the aim of increasing the knowledge of both cuisine and culture.

EthniCity is a 'goodnews' event aimed at presenting all that is positive involving the ethnic communities of the competing cities.